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  • Grader evaluation app. Meat and Livestock Australia.
  • Statistical review of MSA consumer and prediction model methodology. Meat and Livestock Australia.
  • Analysing state and territory government debt cycles using vector error correction models. University of Sydney, Operations Management and Econometrics.
  • Analysing the efficacy of the PASS program: final marks, progression and retention rates. University of Sydney, Learning and Teaching in Business.
  • Identifying students at risk using MASUS testing and IELTS results. University of Sydney, Learning and Teaching in Business.
  • Using FlexSIS data to generate “Knowing Your Students” demographic reports. University of Sydney.


  • Knowing your students: A faculty wide initiative to provide student demographic data to support curriculum change. Small TIES grant with Kellie Morrison, Kai Riemer, Henriikka Clarkeburn and Philip Seltsikas ($7,856.88).
  • Student diversity: What do we know about our students and how does it affect our teaching? Widening participation grant with Meloni Muir, Helen Drury, Kellie Morison and Fiona White ($25,000).