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Refereed journal articles

  1. Tarr G, Müller S and Welsh AH (2017). mplot: An R package for graphical model stability and variable selection procedures. Journal of Statistical Software.
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Articles in preparation

  1. Tarr G, Müller S and Welsh AH. Bootstrap model selection for linear mixed models.
  2. Murray K, Tarr G and Hodkiewicz M, Statistical model selection in engineering applications.
  3. Konarska M, Tarr G and Polkinghorne RJ, The value of traditional and image analysis marbling measures in the prediction of consumer eating satisfaction.
  4. Tarr G and Polkinghorne RJ, The effect of packaging on eating quality.
  5. Tarr G and Polkinghorne RJ, Relationship between meat colour and consumer purchasing behaviour.
  6. Muir M, Drury H, Morison K, Tarr G and White F. Student Diversity: What do staff know about their students and how does it affect their teaching?

Software packages

  1. Tarr G, Müller S and Welsh AH, (2015). mplot: Graphical model stability and model selection procedures. R package.  
  2. Tarr G, (2016). StatStar: An interactive statistics education portal. Shiny web application.
  3. Tarr G and Patrick E, (2015). edgebundleR: Circle plot with bundled edges. R package.  
  4. Tarr G, (2015). pairsD3: D3 scatterplot matrices. R package.  
  5. Tarr G, (2015). Robust precision matrix estimation. Shiny web application.
  6. Martoglio E (2016). rpivotTable: Build Powerful Pivot Tables and Dynamically Slice & Dice your Data. R package (Tarr G, contributor).


  1. Tarr G, (2014). Quantile Based Estimation of Scale and Dependence. PhD Thesis. University of Sydney, Australia.
  2. Tarr G, (2009). Quantile Regression Confidence Intervals: Theoretical Exposition and Empirical Findings. Honours Thesis. University of Sydney, Australia.

Other articles

  1. Tarr G, (2017). Model selection in R.  Biometric Bulletin, International Biometric Society, 34(1).
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Conference proceedings

  1. Hendry GD, Tarr G and Morrison K, (2015). The benefits of peer review versus peer observation: Facilitators’ experiences in a peer assisted study program. Paper presented at 2015 International Business & Education Conferences, June 7-11, London, UK.


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