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RStudio is a IDE for R that makes it look (and work) more like Matlab.  It’s a bit nicer and more user friendly than the standard R GUI application.  In particular, it makes it easier to import data from text files, write scrirstudio-windowspts, autocomplete functions, store graphics and access help files.  It is in active development – the developers continue to add additional functionality really quickly.

Check out the screencast on the homepage for a 2 minute overview of the awesomeness that is RStudio.  When teaching with R in my units, I skip the default R GUI and go straight to RStudio.  This often results in students not fully realising the it is RStudio is an IDE for the R software, but that’s a small price to pay for the ease of use and good scripting habits students develop from working within a fully developed IDE.

RStudio is available across all major operating systems and it’s free!

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