Workshop: Data visualisation, interactive data analysis, statistical programming

//Workshop: Data visualisation, interactive data analysis, statistical programming

On Friday I gave a workshop at BioInfoSummer 2015 at the University of Sydney.  It was very well received, so I’m sharing the resources I developed more broadly.


Data visualisation, interactive data analysis, statistical programming



In recent years, the power of R has been unleashed through the Shiny package which enables users to interact with complex analyses without needing to know any R programming. A Shiny application is a web interface to an underlying R instance. It is remarkably easy to develop both simple and complex Shiny apps using R and importantly, it requires no special knowledge of HTML, CSS or JavaScript. This workshop outlines the basics of developing a Shiny app and showcases some more advanced examples. One of the advantages of moving to a web-based approach is that it enables richer interactivity in data visualisation. There is a large, and ever increasing, pool of R packages that allow researchers to go beyond static plots.

As part of this workshop we will introduce the htmlwidgets framework that joins the raw statistical power of R with beautiful visualisations powered by JavaScript. The networkD3 and edgebundleR packages will be highlighted as examples that enable interactive visualisations of networks. It can be a full time job keeping up with all the new features R has to offer statisticians and bioinformaticians – the aim of this workshop is to familiarise you with some of the latest and greatest tools available for data visualisation and interactive data analysis.


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